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Remedial massage is one of the most popular massages as it addresses the aches, pains and injuries that we can all come to face at some stage in life.

Remedial Massage assists the body to restore to a more balanced state.

There are various techniques used from gentle to firm massage or deep to shallow, depending on your preference and what the issue requires.


Relaxation massage has become a big part of many people’s lives in our busy and frantic routines.

If you get to the end of each day feeling torn and tattered, lacking energy, and sometimes patience with those around you, you are probably suffering from stress.

An easy and cost effective step you can take is regular relaxation massages.

Why not give it ago? You could find the weeks are not so bad after all when you have a nice ending to them.


Lymphatic Drainage

Today we are being exposed to more toxins and chemicals in the environment than ever before.

The good news is we can support our bodies natural detox system to eliminate waste with regular lymphatic massage along with nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.

How does it lymphatic massage work?

Unlike the circulatory system which uses the heart as a pump the lymph system does not have a central pump it has a minor contractile ability with a “pulse”.

During your massage session you will experience a series of light, repetitive movements which will encourage lymph fluid to flow through the system. The technique kick starts the removal of waste and toxicity and delivers nutrition substances to your body’s cells.

Remedial massage can address issues such as:

You will find that regular relaxation massage sessions will aid in: